SEO Lifecycle – When to Take Conversion Optimization Seriously

To be perfectly honest, I’ve never been a stickler for conversion optimization. A recent consultation I had tuned me in to it a bit more. I’ve been doing SEO since about late 2003 in a variety of verticals. I’ve always known that conversion optimization was an important piece of the lead gen pie, but I pretty much always felt like “getting more traffic” was where I wanted to put my time and monthly budgets.

I recently reached a point with one website where I wanted to make a more concerted effort to squeeze more leads from the traffic I was getting. This particular site has a heck of a lot of strength. An overall trusted site, many years old, grows every month significantly, we’ve always done things the right way (no questionable link building, lots of valued backlink growth etc.) and a ton of targeted, organic search traffic. The site converts (what I consider to be) pretty well. In the range of 2.5 – 3.5%.

I’ve sat through enough conversion opt webinars to know the basic best practices. But this month I sought the help of an expert to pick apart my site. The things I gained from this consultation were tremendous. Several points that I am looking to employ, some minor code changes and some dev work, that I think will gain me quite a bit.

My point here is that, as being a person with SEO as what I believe in for lead generation, I have too long neglected squeezing every last drop out of the fruit hanging on the tree. It always seemed to make more sense to just create more fruit (search traffic). As your site reaches a certain point, taking that time to dig really deep into your conversion practices is essential. I’ll share the results of my conversion improvement after I have the changes implemented and enough data to show the trends, but I am expecting a good uptick of at least .5%, maybe more. That’s a lot of leads, potentially.